Recruiting Tips From Top Recruiters

When it comes to building a vibrant, effective team, Alexandra Roberts is a great example of how to do it well. We spoke to her to discover what made her so successful at recruiting new Partners, as well as building her customer base.

“I think my success is down to the fact that I focused on recruitment from day one,” says Alexandra, Senior Team Leader (STL), from Kent “It’s this focus that counts. It’s not really about sales skills, it’s about connecting with people and showing the value you are offering.”

Alexandra doesn’t just talk the talk, she’s also made it a part of her team’s focus as well, many of whom now understand that recruiting Partners can significantly increase their residual income potential.

Alexandra has a strong motivation to succeed. She makes no secret of her passion for winning, “I can’t handle the idea of anyone getting something I can’t get,” she says with a laugh.

Five Top Tips for being a Top Recruiter

1) Keep focused on your goal. If you want to be the best at recruitment, then focus on that and make sure your team does the same.

2) This business is not about selling, it’s about showing and connecting with people. The more people you show Utility Warehouse to, the more success you will have.

3) Keep building a ‘warm list’ of prospect contacts. It also helps you make new friends, which is an added bonus.

4) Don’t quit because of rejection. Just move on and statistically you will start to win again.

5) Practice makes progress. The more meetings you have, the more confident you will get.

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